Monday, December 21, 2015

Twisted Seasonal Show on December 22 The Revolution Starts Now WCOM-LPFM

It's that time of year for the twisted topical songs of the season on "The Revolution Starts Now" on WCOM-FM 103.5 and On Tuesday December 22, 2015 I'll be broadcasting the Christmas songs Santa doesn't want you to hear. I'm talking about uplifting holiday classics like the Carolina Buddies telling us about the Christmas morning "Murder of the Lawson Family" in Stokes County, NC and George Jones checking in with "Lonely Christmas Call." Sufjan Stevens offers "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever," while Decembersongs realizes that "Dad’s Drunk Again on Christmas." Religious content, too, with chain store opponent Rev. J.M. Gates preaching on  "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus" and Reverend Edward W. Clayborn  describing "The Wrong Way to Celebrate Christmas." All that and ten more seasonal disfavorites on "The Revolution Starts Now" on WCOM. 

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