Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Playlist The Revolution Starts Now WCOM-LPFM August 30 2016

The Revolution Starts Now: The Topical Song Show, August 30, 2016 on WCOM-FM 103.5, community radio for Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC (www.wcomfm.org). Hosted each Tuesday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Eastern Time by Art Menius (PO Box 1161; Carrboro, NC 27510). http://artmenius.com and http://lazyfarmboy.blogspot.com. Underwritten by radicallocalism.com and Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe.

Steve Earle / The Revolution Starts Now / The Revolution Starts Now / E-Squared-Artemis / 1:09
Ryan Harvey with Ani Defranco and Tom Morella / Old Man Trump / [Single] / Firebrand Records / 3:05
Marc Black / Born Again American / Sometime a Spark / self / 4:15
Clinton Fearon / This Morning / This Morning / Boogie Brown / 3:18
Le Vent du Nord / Confederation / Tetu / Borealis / 3:43
Le Vent du Nord / Forillon / Tetu / Borealis / 4:35
Clinton Fearon / Richard Poorman / Heart and Soul (Extended) / Boogie Brown / 4:47
Grandmaster Flash / What If featuring KRS One / The Bridge / Strut / 4:05
The Cantrells / Woody Guthrie’s Shoes / Weather Reports / self / 3:52
Erika Kulnys / Rise Up / Rise Up / Self / 4:02
Chip Taylor / Refugee Children / Little Brothers / Trainwreck / 4:15
Kaia Kater / Rising Down / Nine Pin / Kingswood / 4:46

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur / Down on Penny’s Farm / Down on Penny’s Farm / Kingswood / 3:19

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  1. In fact I knew Mr. Long who had Longs in Burlington & recorded and sold many race records in his store. He is profiled some in the book Crying for the Carolinas. I think on the cover is a man by the Highway 70 sign that runs across NC, Not Conscious now. run by loathsome C.S.A. functionaries of the pseudo aristocrats who make sure labor is desperate. That they have led the nation in legalized lying with HB 819, then HB2 a bullshit distraction meant to make sure Yankees know they are not welcome. Real & wanting the Old South where a whip was part of their arm with which to torture those who disagree with them someone like McCrory crying it is what, common sense to tell people what bathroom to use. These people were created from the propaganda of the 70s and 80s and are a group of backwards blockheads regarding all things we depend on such as clean water, trees, wages, and Voting. If they had their way all the votes of those in the wrong districts would just be thrown out. Revolt & revolution do require songs, but these days we are short of them. The Woodstock Nation dreams sold Coca Cola and executive pony tails. Creative? sell some soap.